About Destination Caravans

About Destination Caravans

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Destination Caravans

Destination Caravans was born out of a need and desire to raise the quality of service to the caravan and RV market in South Australia. Destination Caravans is now the dedicated Royal Flair dealer in South Australia

If you are in the market for a new caravan or a pre-owned caravan, or if you need servicing, upgrades or repairs on your caravan, contact Destination Caravans today!

Royal Flair Caravans was established in 1975 by the Deralas family. With over 70 years’ industry experience, Royal Flair are now market leaders in the design and fabrication of high-quality, Aussie-made caravans.

Royal Flair’s latest range of caravans give you the freedom to go farther than ever before. Field-tested in some of the most hostile environments Australia has to offer, you’ll never be restricted by time or season. Don’t settle for average. Whether you’re heading deep into the bush or across the outback, Royal Flair will make it happen.

Our Team

Lawrence Deale

Dealer Principal at Destination Caravans

Lawrence is the Dealer Principal at South Australia’s Royal Flair dealership, Destination Caravans. With decades of experience in assisting clients with exceptional holiday experiences, he loves helping people find the right caravan for their journey. Lawrence believes that the caravan and RV sector opens Australia's uniqueness to so many Australians and he thrives on hearing the caravanning stories of happy clients he has helped to get on the road. His attention to detail, exceptional customer service and excellent Team form part of the success of Destination Caravans.

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan

Servicing / repairs

With trades in Fitting & Machining, Hydraulics, Welding and being a qualified Auto Technician, Craig has extensive technical knowledge of the repair and maintenance of caravans and RVs. Having worked in the caravan industry for over 20 years, Craig offers unparalleled expertise. Not only is Craig an avid caravanner himself, but he has also written for popular caravanning magazines.


Steven Dowling

Sales Exec at Destination Caravans

Steven is the Sales Executive at Destination Caravans. With decades of experience in motor vehicle sales and support, Steven was drawn to the caravan and RV sector. His exceptional product knowledge allows him to focus on customer requirements. Destination Caravans is his home territory and he loves sharing his caravan knowledge with you.

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